Zsuzsanna Lenk

Zsuzsanna Tóth-Lenk

My work at Caselex is like
Writing an encyclopedia (of relevant market definitions)

Academic and professional background
Zsuzsanna is a lawyer and cultural manager, at the moment being on a maternal leave with a third baby child. She has a Bachelors in Law from the Catholic University of Peter Pazmany in Budapest (2000), and a postgraduate degree in cultural management from Moholy Nagy Art University in Budapest. Zsuzsanna worked 8 years at the Hungarian Competition Authority as a case officer, and 2 years as a national expert at the European Commission dealing with mergers. She has also experience in financial arbitration and most recently in cultural project management.

Hungarian, English, Italian

Zsuzsanna is a member of the supervisory board of the Lóczy Foundation for Children.

“The European Microsoft judgement” Jogi Forum (2008) (link)
“The judgement in Microsoft trial (part two)” Infokommunikáció és jog (2008) (link)