europe-mapCaselex Market Definitions Module
Defining relevant markets is crucial in concentration control and antitrust cases. The Caselex Market Definitions Module gives user friendly access to English summaries of relevant markets definitions of concentration control decisions rendered by all 33 national and European competition authorities (28 EU Member States, 4 EFTA countries and DG COMP of the European Commission) since 2000 up to today.

Accordingly, by giving an instant synoptic European-wide overview of all relevant markets defined it provides support to lawyers submitting notifications and to competition authorities responsible for concentration control under the EU 2004 Merger Control Regulation as well as national rules thereon. Each product market is searchable on the basis of names of products and NACE codes and each definition backed up by the line of reasoning of the competition authority. Full texts of original decision are also available and downloadable in PDF.

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